Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top Picks for Wedding Planning Accessories

A lot goes into planning your wedding, that goes without saying. But how many people actually plan to plan for a wedding?

It might seem foolish but planning how to plan for your wedding could save you hours of time and lots of money too. Making a plan of attack for how to get everything done cuts down on mistakes and reduces wasted time. It will also help you make better decisions, which means you won't make the same costly mistake as so many brides-to-be.

If you are typically unorganized and like to string things together at the last minute, you'll want to pay close attention to this article. Planning a wedding takes time, persistence and lots of careful scrutiny. If you procrastinate and think it will somehow magically all come together in the end, like your romance did, you are in for a shock.

There is only one way to successfully make things work--that is to have a plan. Organize each one of the facets of your wedding planning and estimate how much time each one will take. Break the wedding down into parts like the cake, band and entertainment, food and catering, bar tender and guests. Then schedule a few hours a day to tackle each one. Only focus on one thing at a time to maximize time spent. Jumping from one thing to another may waste time.

Next, plan how to get things done and make sure you set aside time to get the right accessories to do so. For instance, you'll want to have your potential vendors names and phone numbers right at your fingertips. This saves hours of time. So, have note cards ready to record names, addresses and numbers of vendors as you make contacts.

Maybe it seems like you only need a few resources to make the night special, but take a moment to think about how many individuals you'll be hiring: a DJ, bar tender, cake maker, caterer, banquet hall manager, tux rental, dress, flowers, decorators... you get the point.

Here is a list of accessories you need to plan a wedding successfully:

Bride File Box and Refill Cards. This is also important when keeping track of your guests. A file box, often called a bride's file box makes this easy. It keeps track of guest names, whose side of the family they are on and whether or not you've sent them an invitation, etc. This is vital when planning a wedding.

Music CDs and books are another must to start planning. Before you hire a band or DJ you should be listening to romantic songs and have a list of which ones you want to include in your ceremony. Simply choosing a dollar dance song will take some time. So, get started early, this part is easy.

Note pads, paper, pencils, catalogs and other vital materials you need to plan, design and orchestrate your big day all important pieces of the puzzle. Gather these and keep them together in a large file box or a bag. This is where wedding planning accessories are very useful.

Having trouble keeping them all together? A bride's tote bag will keep all your planning supplies together. It's also ideal for transporting catalogs to your dress maker, or cake designer so you can show them what your wedding decor is going to be like.

You will find that gathering all your wedding planning items together first makes the process run smoothly. So, save yourself some time and get these items first before you start getting to involved in the process of planning your wedding.