Friday, February 11, 2011

Top Premium Quality Office Accessories for Professionals

As a professional, there are many tools at your disposal. The resume gets you in the door for the interview, your rolodex and contacts get you the job, and your skills, experience, education and expertise determines your pay scale. Without these, you simply can't do your job.

There are also smaller, less recognized tools of the trade that help organize and clarify your desk and work space. These tools are just as important. They include those office accessories like letter trays and even memo holders that allow you to do your job properly.

When you go to buy these items, let them serve a dual purpose. Your office says a little bit about who you are, like it or not. If you meet with clients or employees in the office, you do want it to be professional, presentable and accommodating. It can also showcase your personal interests and be a conversation mill.

There are several great office accessories that most professionals would not want to live without. The desk organizer, letter rack, paper tray and memo holder are among them. These are perhaps the top accessories for any office. They organize papers, small items, pens and more so you are ready to work and get the job done.

They are also considered excellent corporate gifts. Each can be given as a token of appreciation to an employee or boss, or as retirement gifts, awards and holiday gifts.

Consider the quality of the accessory before you buy. Is it handmade? Does it use real leather? The style and design also defines the quality of the office accessory. You can choose from crocodile embossed or smooth leather to match your office chair, desktop or the theme of your office. If you have a traditional rustic theme, a white stitched leather letter tray is a great complement. Modern themed items include smooth black or brown leather accessories.

Choose your new office accessories based on how well they complement both your managerial style and your interior. Your office shouldn't look out of place but should have a character all its own. That adds personality to your office and professional life.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top Picks for CEO Gifts

If you are shopping for a CEO gifts or need to buy a gift for a vice president, it might be intimidating. Upper management is certainly used to more luxurious gifts and everyday items. From their desk accessories to their cars, CEOs tend to have nicer stuff. So, how do you find the right gifts at a price that does not break the bank?

There are CEO gifts that are considered acceptable and well respected in the business communities. These gifts are hard to find, but when you know what to look for, you'll have a better chance at success.

First of all, you need to know Most CEOs are dedicated to their professional careers, but they also have hobbies. So, choosing something that is inline with their career is one option. A game, or something a little more unique that is a hobby of theirs is another. Here's a few suggestions.

El Casco makes excellent CEO gifts.
El Casco desk accessories make excellent gifts for any CEO, and they are a top choice for professionals at fortune 500 companies. They are hand crafted items that are layered in either silver chrome or real 23 KT Gold. These accessories are classics, and most professionals know about them. Imported from Spain, they come with authenticity certificates and each part, which is hand assembled, comes serial numbered to ensure authenticity.

The Gold El Casco staplers, ink wells and blotters, or cell phone holders are nice choices. Each one carries the exclusive El Casco logo, so it makes a great impression. They also make smaller items like cigar cutters, and larger more expensive items like the Gold pencil sharpener, an original first made in the 1920s.

If your CEO enjoys a hobby like sailing, antique shopping, or travels a lot Authentic Models crafts premium quality model sailboats, replica antiques like the Ritz Hotel serving tray, Army Lanterns, and model airplanes from the hey day of commercial air travel. Even they are not model collectors, some of these models will be inline with their careers.

Many great CEO Gifts represent a historic part of business.
The Pan Am DC 3 model airplane is a spectacular gift for airline executives and CEOs, for instance.

You'll also find executive game sets which are a casual gift for CEOs and upper management. These include crystal chess sets, travel chess boards and backgammon boards and fun desktop dart boards.

The key is to find a gift that reflects your CEO personality. Try to cater to their interests and show that you understand what it is they like.

All of these CEO gifts are suitable for professionals to exchange. Both companies listed here are well-known for their expertise in crafting the highest quality items. They represent respect, hard work and dedication, all important qualities in the business world.

Take some time to consider your gift. These suggestions range in price from around $40 to well over $300. You can also find world globes, gemstone globes and other desk top items that make excellent gift ideas for much less.

As always, you can have your item engraved with a special wish or name to make it more personal.