Friday, January 7, 2011

Wedding Accessories for a Royal Wedding

If your wedding theme is regal these accessories and favors are for you. Royal weddings are popular because they represent a king and a queen. This elegant, classical theme is the perfect match for today's weddings. But where will you find the accessories and favor to match?

There are many accessory sets and favor ideas made specifically for the royal wedding. The most popular is the crown theme favors. They feature a crown on the item which is one of the most recognizable royal symbols around.
Crown bookmarks are a royal favor for any occasion.

You'll find cake serves, toasting flutes and even bookmarks with this particular theme. Each one presents itself as anyone with royal blood would. When choosing yours be aware that these favors and accessories might become keepsakes, so buy ones that will last and have storage containers. Personalizing these items is possible in most cases, and many times it is actually free. Adding your own name will enhance the keepsake and make them one of a kind.

Some of our top vendors produce crown themed favors like place card holders, bookmarks, trinket boxes and key rings. You'll also find candle holders which are very popular as well.

If you don't like the crown accent, these items include pumpkin carriages, coaches, crowns and Fleur de Lis symbols. All of them relate directly to the royal theme. Most of these favors come in gift boxes with tags attached and the boxes reflect and extend the royal themes.