Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spread Some Joy with these Practical Wedding Favors

If you want to thank guests for being a part of your wedding, choose favors that really spread some joy--literally. Cheese spreaders and cheese boards are great wedding favors because they can be taken home and used to entertain.

These are classic favor choices because it gives guests something to entertain with in their own homes. That's always nice since the guests are being entertained at your wedding. When they do so, they'll think about your event and have great memories to share with everyone.

Along with these practical gifts consider cheese graters. The "Gratest Love of All" cheese grater is one of the more popular themes out there today. It's a kitchen favor that guests will be happy to take home and use. Just like the cheese board or spreader, it is something that keeps the memory of your event alive.

Another option is scented soaps. They come in all sorts of styles and themes. Also a useful item in the home, it is an elegant and thoughtful reminder of your big day. You will probably find one that really matches your wedding theme as well. Soaps come in all kinds of shapes from rose petals to Fleur de Lis symbols. Among the most popular choices for soap favor shapes are the "Nest Egg" (an egg in a straw nest), Love Dove, sea shells and many more.

The point is to make your favor useful and practical. It doesn't have to be fancy or even elegant. But when a guest can use it they are more likely to enjoy it and remember it. That's the idea behind favors that really spread a lot of joy! They are crafty, inventive twists on items we use everyday just made a little more special through stylish themes and fun ideas.

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