Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Choose the Best Gifts for Him

It's getting closer to his birthday and you are fresh out of gift ideas. Well, here's a few to really get you started and going in the right direction.

Men's Valets
Maybe he's getting to that age where he's comfortable with who he is and wants to keep all those things that make him, him, in a safe place. If he has lots of men's accessories like cuff links, rings and upscale male dress accessories, a men's valet is an excellent gift for him. It's a prestigious gift for a man who holds a key position in his company, or is a rising professional. It's also a personal gift idea since it is something he'll keep at home on his bureau or nightstand. Check out lots of mens valets in our Gifts for Him section.  Watch cases, pen cases or combination items are inexpensive gifts for him that make the right impression.

Model Planes, Historic Maps and Replica Antiques
For the older guy one of these historic maps, model airplanes, boats or replica antiques by Authentic Models will really be welcomed this year. Crafted with skill and excruciating attention to detail, these models look real enough to drive. You'll find classic pond sailing sailboats, wooden speed boats, and Maps of Paris in the 1800's. You'll also come across antique replicas like boat search light lamps, French Army lanterns and other historic objects he'll love. You can't find them anywhere else!

Wine Boxes and Tie Cases
Two great gifts that he might not expect but will appreciate none the less. These items are perfect for just about any man, especially the traveling businessman or man who enjoys wine. Get something nice though. A real, genuine leather travel tie case is a much nicer gift than one made of nylon. It's a special occasional gift for anniversaries and birthdays. Wine boxes, or sets of wine bar ware like openers, bottle stoppers and pourers are exceptional as well.