Monday, January 24, 2011

Fancy Office & Desk Accessories are Excellent Corporate Gifts

One of the often overlooked corporate gifts is upscale office and desk accessories. This is probably due to their low-visibility. You won't see them at any big box stores, and they are often hard to find at some of the popular boutique outlets where many executives purchase their corporate gifts. However, that's exactly what makes them stand out.

In a sea of gift ideas that are all too familiar, these luxury desk accessories make a statement while remaining perfectly suitable as interoffice gifts. What could be more appropriate for the office than a silver mouse, or Gold plated cell phone caddy? Few gifts are. These high quality, luxury office accessories last a long time too. With real Gold and Silver chrome plating, and hand made pedigrees, they are a notch above every other gift idea.

El Casco makes fine office supplies, hand assembling, polishing and plating their items in the Basque Country of northern Spain. The spectacular accessories are then imported, after being serial numbered for authenticity.

Other companies also make fine luxury items like this. You'll find these items online at most executive gift stores. They are completely functional, but they have another aspect. Their fine exteriors and rich luster bring an air of authority, prestige and prosperity to your desk.

Take a look at's selection of these fine items today. They'll make an excellent gift for the administrative assistant to the CEO. Engraving is also available on many of these item. Get yours personalized today.

Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Choose the Best Gifts for Him

It's getting closer to his birthday and you are fresh out of gift ideas. Well, here's a few to really get you started and going in the right direction.

Men's Valets
Maybe he's getting to that age where he's comfortable with who he is and wants to keep all those things that make him, him, in a safe place. If he has lots of men's accessories like cuff links, rings and upscale male dress accessories, a men's valet is an excellent gift for him. It's a prestigious gift for a man who holds a key position in his company, or is a rising professional. It's also a personal gift idea since it is something he'll keep at home on his bureau or nightstand. Check out lots of mens valets in our Gifts for Him section.  Watch cases, pen cases or combination items are inexpensive gifts for him that make the right impression.

Model Planes, Historic Maps and Replica Antiques
For the older guy one of these historic maps, model airplanes, boats or replica antiques by Authentic Models will really be welcomed this year. Crafted with skill and excruciating attention to detail, these models look real enough to drive. You'll find classic pond sailing sailboats, wooden speed boats, and Maps of Paris in the 1800's. You'll also come across antique replicas like boat search light lamps, French Army lanterns and other historic objects he'll love. You can't find them anywhere else!

Wine Boxes and Tie Cases
Two great gifts that he might not expect but will appreciate none the less. These items are perfect for just about any man, especially the traveling businessman or man who enjoys wine. Get something nice though. A real, genuine leather travel tie case is a much nicer gift than one made of nylon. It's a special occasional gift for anniversaries and birthdays. Wine boxes, or sets of wine bar ware like openers, bottle stoppers and pourers are exceptional as well.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spread Some Joy with these Practical Wedding Favors

If you want to thank guests for being a part of your wedding, choose favors that really spread some joy--literally. Cheese spreaders and cheese boards are great wedding favors because they can be taken home and used to entertain.

These are classic favor choices because it gives guests something to entertain with in their own homes. That's always nice since the guests are being entertained at your wedding. When they do so, they'll think about your event and have great memories to share with everyone.

Along with these practical gifts consider cheese graters. The "Gratest Love of All" cheese grater is one of the more popular themes out there today. It's a kitchen favor that guests will be happy to take home and use. Just like the cheese board or spreader, it is something that keeps the memory of your event alive.

Another option is scented soaps. They come in all sorts of styles and themes. Also a useful item in the home, it is an elegant and thoughtful reminder of your big day. You will probably find one that really matches your wedding theme as well. Soaps come in all kinds of shapes from rose petals to Fleur de Lis symbols. Among the most popular choices for soap favor shapes are the "Nest Egg" (an egg in a straw nest), Love Dove, sea shells and many more.

The point is to make your favor useful and practical. It doesn't have to be fancy or even elegant. But when a guest can use it they are more likely to enjoy it and remember it. That's the idea behind favors that really spread a lot of joy! They are crafty, inventive twists on items we use everyday just made a little more special through stylish themes and fun ideas.

Take a look at our favor collection under "Practical Favors" or "Soap Favors" to find more of these great items.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wedding Accessories for a Royal Wedding

If your wedding theme is regal these accessories and favors are for you. Royal weddings are popular because they represent a king and a queen. This elegant, classical theme is the perfect match for today's weddings. But where will you find the accessories and favor to match?

There are many accessory sets and favor ideas made specifically for the royal wedding. The most popular is the crown theme favors. They feature a crown on the item which is one of the most recognizable royal symbols around.
Crown bookmarks are a royal favor for any occasion.

You'll find cake serves, toasting flutes and even bookmarks with this particular theme. Each one presents itself as anyone with royal blood would. When choosing yours be aware that these favors and accessories might become keepsakes, so buy ones that will last and have storage containers. Personalizing these items is possible in most cases, and many times it is actually free. Adding your own name will enhance the keepsake and make them one of a kind.

Some of our top vendors produce crown themed favors like place card holders, bookmarks, trinket boxes and key rings. You'll also find candle holders which are very popular as well.

If you don't like the crown accent, these items include pumpkin carriages, coaches, crowns and Fleur de Lis symbols. All of them relate directly to the royal theme. Most of these favors come in gift boxes with tags attached and the boxes reflect and extend the royal themes.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Wedding Favors for 2011

There are new wedding favors on the site. These favors include some special collections from our top vendors. If you are looking for beach themed favors, special crystal favors, rose themed or other unique, fun and practical gifts for your guests, we have them.

The cosmopolitan cocktail shakers are just one of the new favors added to our site.
We keep adding the best new wedding favors from all the most popular vendors, along with some you won't find at other stores. These are the ones our customers want the most, and we have them at deep discounts. If you are planning a wedding now, or need to find some favors at the last minute, check us out. All the best favor choices are right here.

The new favors include starfish keychains and candles, pumpkin carriage keychains, Eiffel tower candles and more Paris themed favors plus more romantic ideas. There is barware, bookmarks and other practical ideas too!

In addition, we've added baby shower favors to the site. From popular baby booty candles and keychains to the mix. Shop for expectant mom favors, bride and groom tux salt shakers, baby bottle cups, and teddy bear place card holders.

Our selection keeps on getting better and prices even lower. You will find everything you need for your wedding and baby shower right here.