Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rustic Decorations for Homes like Leather Rugs

There are lots of ways to add some authentic, rustic decorations to the interior of your home. Leather rugs are among the finest and most genuine.

Real leather rugs made from actual cow hide not only add style, they add durability and character. Leather wears very well, so your rugs last longer. They'll also provide comfort with a soft cowhide texture. It's the type of rug that may have been used in ranch houses and cabins long ago. So, bring it to your home today.

Nowadays, with advances in dying and pigmentation, you will find stylish leather rugs of all sorts in a variety of patterns from squares and rectangles to dynamic modern arrangements. But you will also find traditional cowhide patterns and simple but beautifully designed leather rugs.

There's a leather rug for every kind of interior and they are affordable. Prices start under $900 which is great for such a wonderful piece of decor. With durability, function, style and color, there's no better way to update your cottage, cabin or homestead.

Each one is a real piece of the past brought back to life with your own photo, print or piece of art. There is only one authentic barn wood frame manufacturer, check them out at our store and save some money on their best frames while you are at it. They come in collage, single, double or triple frames. Each one is authentic and unique. A distinct piece of home decor you'll truly enjoy.

They go perfectly with one of our genuine leather rugs. There's several styles to choose from.