Friday, December 17, 2010

Unique Antique Replicas are Excellent Gifts

If you want to really impress someone with an item they'll appreciate now and for a long time to come, choose a classic. Antique replicas make fine gifts because they are tie-tested, and have historic value. They are also decorative and some functional pieces of furniture.

There are lots of pieces of antique replica furniture from Authentic Models that make excellent additions to any room. Take the Dory Bookshelf Table for instance. This is a classic sailing dory that has been turned into a bookshelf and can also be used as a table. Versatile and very useful, it also is a fine piece of nautical decor.

Authentic Models also features many more classic like replica theater seats, a cubby shelf modeled after ones used in the Ritz Hotel, and more. You'll find antique replica telescopes, recreations of folk art like Sailor Valentines, and lamps designed after surveyor equipment and boat searchlights.

No matter what your particular interest is, there's a replica designed to make your room authentic and historical. There are other companies who produce these items, but the ones from Authentic Models really are the best made. With realistic details, their items are crafted by hand and built from the actual antiques themselves.

They create museum quality historical maps, ships wheels and tide clocks, plus more great items.

Consider them for your Christmas gifts or as executive gifts. They're a gift choice that lasts forever and has an interesting story to tell.