Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Corporate Gift Giving Ideas

It’s the holidays again, and this year, according the several media sources, gift giving in the corporate sector is going to pick up. With companies seeing a little bit of growth in the economy, it’s apparently time to start making inroads with your superiors, and forming better bonds with clients. So, don’t be left standing out in the cold this year. While everyone else is exchanging corporate gifts this holiday season, give something that stands out.

Here are some ideas for corporate gift giving on the holidays just to get the tinsel ball rolling...

Executive pen sets are a great gift idea. You’ll find lots of unique pens and pen sets that any respecting executive will admire. However, one of the most interesting has to be the gemstone pens by Alexander Kalifano (find them here). They are made with real, genuine gemstone and will be a fixture on the desk top or display case.

In a close tie for second are the classic silver and gold roller ball pens. These are great gifts for executives, secretaries and administrators alike. Place them in a new pen case, and they’ll stand out even more.

Classic El Casco desk accessories are always a welcome corporate gift idea. El Casco makes world renowned desk accessories like pencil sharpeners, ink wells, clocks, and lamps. Their pencil sharpener was first introduced in the 1920’s and today it is still considered a classic. For a modern idea, try the cell phone caddy, it is layered in real Gold and hand polished.

Desk globes are another great corporate gift for the holidays. You’ll find these in all styles from solid crystal to genuine marble. A clock and globe combination is an excellent choice for your boss, and it’s a beautiful company gift for your clients.

If you are seeking high quality client gifts for the holiday season, clock globes, plaques or other small desk ornaments are the best idea. They can be engraved so your company logo remains present on their desk. What a way to brand and build customer loyalty at the same time!

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