Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Buying Proper Office Gifts for the Holidays

If you work in a corporate office it's important to get the little things right, like buying proper office gifts for the holiday season.

There are many unwritten rules to finding proper holiday gifts in your office (only you know what they are in your office), but following general guidelines helps to avoid gift giving pitfalls for a truly happy holiday season.

1. Don't get too personal. It's just part of the corporate culture. No one wants to get a gift that might embarrass them or drag out skeletons from the closet. Stick to impersonal, neutral gift ideas like a perpetual calendar, book weight or any office and desk accessory. A basic pen stand, globe, desk clock or any other related item is never taken too personally.

2. Stay under budget. Sound familiar? This holds true no matter what you do in corporate America. More is less, and less is more. Who knows, if you find a really great gift for cheap, someone might notice this skill. While spending limits also vary based on your workplace, they'll be more if everybody makes more, play it safe and never spend more than anyone will think you can afford. This typically means about $25 to $50 for most of us. Managers could spend more but take note of the climate at that time. Is everyone slashing budgets? How will your gift be viewed in that case?

You can try to find out what others are getting or thinking of spending in a casual, non-confrontational way. "Have you gotten any shopping done this holiday season?" might lead you towards a few clues.

Stick to your instincts. If you feel it might be better not to get anything, do so, but rarely is that the case. Getting a simple gift like a key chain or even a cheap globe for the people you work with goes a fairly long way in most corporate relationships.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Corporate Gift Giving Ideas

It’s the holidays again, and this year, according the several media sources, gift giving in the corporate sector is going to pick up. With companies seeing a little bit of growth in the economy, it’s apparently time to start making inroads with your superiors, and forming better bonds with clients. So, don’t be left standing out in the cold this year. While everyone else is exchanging corporate gifts this holiday season, give something that stands out.

Here are some ideas for corporate gift giving on the holidays just to get the tinsel ball rolling...

Executive pen sets are a great gift idea. You’ll find lots of unique pens and pen sets that any respecting executive will admire. However, one of the most interesting has to be the gemstone pens by Alexander Kalifano (find them here). They are made with real, genuine gemstone and will be a fixture on the desk top or display case.

In a close tie for second are the classic silver and gold roller ball pens. These are great gifts for executives, secretaries and administrators alike. Place them in a new pen case, and they’ll stand out even more.

Classic El Casco desk accessories are always a welcome corporate gift idea. El Casco makes world renowned desk accessories like pencil sharpeners, ink wells, clocks, and lamps. Their pencil sharpener was first introduced in the 1920’s and today it is still considered a classic. For a modern idea, try the cell phone caddy, it is layered in real Gold and hand polished.

Desk globes are another great corporate gift for the holidays. You’ll find these in all styles from solid crystal to genuine marble. A clock and globe combination is an excellent choice for your boss, and it’s a beautiful company gift for your clients.

If you are seeking high quality client gifts for the holiday season, clock globes, plaques or other small desk ornaments are the best idea. They can be engraved so your company logo remains present on their desk. What a way to brand and build customer loyalty at the same time!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Finding Real Original Christmas Gifts

If you're like me you enjoy finding original, unique Christmas gifts that no one else has or knows about before the rush begins. These are items that could become a trend some day, or have unique features about them that just makes them a little more interesting and enjoyable.

Well, if you are in the market for a few real original Christmas gifts it is time to think outside the box store, to those niche items and antique reproductions that you won't find anywhere but here.

Authentic Models makes several great items that are designed to add real character to a home. They include things like model airplanes, wall art, reproduction maps, globes and furniture.

Here's just a few ideas to get the wheels turning.

Classic 1930s Runabout Wooden Model Boat. Once a family classic on Chesapeake Bay, it's now one of the most iconic boats in America. This decorative piece will remind you of summers on the water bring the sparkling water and waves home.

The Demi-Dome Architectural Model is a scale model of a demi-dome, the kind Davinci and Michelangelo used to make before building a final version. Anyone interested in art, engineering or architecture would be very proud to own this one.

Spirit of St. Louis Model Airplane is a perfect replica, painstakingly recreated with even the tiniest details still in tact. A wonderful choice for aviation buffs and pilots.

1937 Zeppelin Model is another classic, historical model from before World War II. It's a model of the historic, tragic flight of the Zeppelin, which was supposed to supplant airplanes as the preferred method of travel. Unfortunately, as we all know, it is now a symbol of ambitious but bad ideas pushed too far.

New, Original Nightstand Alarm Clocks

If you want a new alarm clock check these out. The alarm clock is the first thing you see (and hear) in the morning. So, if yours is old and worn out get an upgrade.

Here's a few unique alarm clocks to consider...

Wind Chime Alarm Clock with electronic display and real wind chimes instead of an alarm. This one is great for her or him, anyone who hates that bleating, blaring sound of the digital alarm clock in the morning. Imagine waking up to this soft and soothing sound instead. It's also fairly inexpensive so it makes a great gift for a friend.

The That 70's Alarm Clock is another classic right out of the disco era. If you remember waking up for school to the sound of this beauty, then its time to bring yourself back to those good old days. Reminisce about the times when you were young and free, or just get a funky, new alarm clock that's a throwback to the seventies era.

Spot Light Alarm Clock is for boat lovers and nautical enthusiasts. This is a real alarm clock with a solid metal case and base that is designed to look like a boat spotlight. If you dream of navigating misty ports in the dark, this one's a real treasure find! Order it as a gift for the nautical enthusiast or maritime captain.

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