Thursday, October 28, 2010

Handmade Silk Items

Enjoy our new handmade silk items which are imported from Cambodia. They are made with genuine, 100% pure silk and they include decorative patterns. You'll find these items fit most decor schemes and can even add a little zest to any room. They can actually help transform a bland room into one that is fabulous.

They are diverse culturally and artistically, because they are handmade. In addition to their lustrous sheen and soft exterior, they'll feel good to buy because when you do purchase them, part of the proceeds goes to help Global Children, a charitable organization (see their website at That includes the 100% real silk scarves.

Silk scarves are a great accent any time of year.

These are truly handmade from real silk. The hand looming process produces some of the most beautiful pieces of art. It's hard to think of these handmade silk items are simple decorations for the home or living room. They are something to keep forever. The other thing that may strike you is their price. They are cheaper than many expensive, designer clothes that undoubtedly will be out of style in a few months anway.

These silk items include decorative scarves, silk wall panels, silk throws for furniture or as wall hangings and many other fine pieces of home decor.

 You'll also find wall hangings with hangers for the living room or bedroom. These authentic silk wall hangings will really accent and update your interior with a culturally relevant piece of art.

If you're looking for a great gift for a special friend with cultural tastes, this may be it, and if you are looking for something to add a diverse accent to your home, take a look at these silk items right now. They're priced reasonably enough to buy for yourself or someone else.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Picking Out a Groomsmen Flask

If you are the groom among your responsibilities is thanking the groomsmen, who are there to see you through this important time. You've chosen them because they are family, like brothers and have always been there for you. Now, show them you appreciate their help, with a traditional gift idea.

The groomsmen flask has long been the chosen gift from grooms to their best men. This is a symbolic gift, and most people have never seen or used a flask. So it might help to take a little primer course of choosing the right flask.

When selecting a flask for groomsmen it helps to have a game plan. You should choose either modern, classic or fancy as a theme and then start searching for flasks. features a whole selection of flasks and other barware gifts, should you decide to get something a little less traditional. This selection is fairly comprehensive and represents what you'll find most anywhere.

The two most popular flasks are the stainless steel and leather covered flask. In reality, both are made from stainless steel, but the leather flasks have an upholstered covering that adds a little style to them. These are considered contemporary but fairly classic and traditional in nature. The choice is yours, select either a plain flask or one with a leather cover.

There are flasks that come with cases as well, and these sometimes make especially nice gifts. You'll also find double flasks and flask and cigar holder sets. These make fine gift ideas. If you are having a Vegas wedding, consider the flask and playing card set.

See the black leather flask or stainless steel flask.

Engraving Your Flask
Engraving the flask is the final step. Add your initials, your wedding monogram or a thank you that relates to all your groomsmen and each will find important. A simple "Thank you" or something more in depth is a common choice.

Order your flasks in bulk and well before the ceremony as well. This allows time for engraving and saves a little money. When you order your flask at, you can get up to 25 percent off the price by placing a large order. Call to find out more details and to get a quote on engraving.

Find more groomsmen gifts.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Best Gifts for Him

So, it's Valentine's Day or his birthday and you are wondering what are the best gifts for him? Well, there are several gifts he'll love and not all have to do with sports. These gifts are things he will need, use and appreciate you for. Some of them may be things he doesn't even know he wants yet.

It's important to realize that not all men's gifts are great things to give. There are some items he'd love to have but they don't make the best gifts all the time. Some things are just a little more personal, unique and special. Like the Mens Valet Box. This is number one on our list. It's a portable box where he can keep his watches, jewelry and other small items.

This is one of those gifts for him he doesn't realize he needs but when he has one life suddenly gets easier. He won't lose cufflinks, or misplace that necklace. There are several very nice valets but we suggest this one. It features several compartments...

#2 is the Charging Station. This is also called a power station and it holds all your chargers for portable electronics like cell phone, PDA, GPS and whatever other gadget he's obsessed with these days. A solid wood charging station with areas for each individual electronic is perfect. Have it engraved and make it truly his.

#3 Travel Tie Case for keeping ties nice and pressed on a business trip. This isn't a real wow gift, but he'll really appreciate this one because it does save your ties from complete disaster during business, and we all know how important appearance really is.

#4 is the Travel Wallet. This is another very useful idea and perfect for traveling salesmen. It holds travel documents and other necessities so they don't get lost on a big trip.

#5 is the portable travel mug. This heated mug heats coffee, hot chocolate and other hot drinks right in the car. It's very useful for commuters, truck drivers and commercial drivers. There are smart mugs with digital displays, and many more to choose from.

See more of our hand selected gifts for him.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Shopping for Cigar Gifts

Cigar gifts are a different breed of gift idea. They are typically given at special occasions, like a wedding to your groomsmen, retirement or corporate occasion, and the recipient is always expecting a refined gift. They capture the opulence and upscale class of life's finest events. That's why the right cigar gifts are so difficult to find.

They aren't cheap or made in a factory by the thousands. In fact, real cigar gift accessories like humidors, cigar cutters and even the leather cigar case is usually partly or entirely handmade with rare materials like real cedar, genuine top grain leather and Gold.

Never settle for the inferior items you might find at the big box stores, you'll just end up giving the wrong impression. Nothing but the best will do when you plan on giving any type of cigar gift.

Start shopping for cigar gifts and cigar accessories for business clients, colleagues and groomsmen at stores like Here you'll find real cedar humidors, leather cigar cases and genuine Gold cigar cutters at prices that won't empty the ban account. These finer choices will also come with an engraving using state of the art technology like laser etching. This is a step not to omit. The finer gifts must always be memorialized with a date, or a message of integrity and well-wishing.

So, if you are congratulating someone on the sale of a business, a newborn baby, or giving your groomsmen cigar related gifts they'll respect, choose the best and your gift and reputation will last a lifetime.

There are only a few places to get these high quality gifts. Click here to shop for cigar gifts and accessories now.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bar Ware and Home Bar Tools

If you want to give a really great gift for a retirement, birthday or wedding, consider bar ware. It's a classic, traditional idea.

As gifts or to complete your own home bar, has a big selection of bar ware. It includes everything from bar tool sets to wine boxes and bar furniture. Our wine consoles are hand made, metal pieces of furniture with glass tops and unique styles. We have leather bar sets, stainless steel bar tools, engraved wine glasses, crystal decanters and flask sets for groomsmen.

Find home bar supplies >>>

They are top quality items made with either real crystal, glass or chrome silver. Some also feature additional features and characteristics. There is an English style pewter beer mug, or the cocktail shaker with leather exterior.

The wine boxes and wooden bar sets are another great idea. Each one is carefully made and can be engraved with a name or initials.

Typically, our flasks are designed to give as gifts for groomsmen. They are also used as retirement gifts, however. Having these items engraved makes them even more special. Our engraving process is fast, and state-of-the art. Just call us to request a quote.

Our barware is also a great promotional item for your business. It is a very classy, sophisticated gift for financial clients, lawyers and retail stores.

Take a look at our collection of premium barware and bar sets today.