Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where to Get Real Crystal Awards

Crystal awards are often used by corporations and businesses as awards for achievements and milestones. They might be salesmen of the year, or a record sales year, or even an outstanding manager or associate award. Whatever the case may be, crystal, with it's refractive nature and sparkling exterior is usually the choice.

If you are in charge of buying this year's Salesmen of the Year award, you'll find an impressive collection of designer, high quality crystal awards to choose from. It will probably be easier to find them, then it will be to pick the right one.

Here is a way to narrow down your choices. First, pick out something that looks like it represents your business. If you are progressive and forward thinking, don't choose a bowl or oval object. Get a dynamic pyramid or spire shaped award. Click here to see a progressive employee service award.

If your company is traditional, find something classic like a cup trophy, or a plaque for your award.

Another option is to buy the trophy head and base separately that way you are able to mix and match items to build something that's totally yours alone.

You will find a big selection of crystal awards, trophies and plaques along with a few crystal globes and paperweights that may also be used as second place or runner-up awards at Photoframesplus. Just click here to see these crystal awards.