Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Setting the Wedding Reception Table with Heart Shaped Plates

Thee are several great wedding table plates for a reception or banquet wedding. Along with other accessories and decorations, these plates are just a few of the ways to make your tables look special.

The Heart Shaped Plates are a romantic choice when it comes time to set the table. These plates are shaped like hearts, and they will make an immediate impression on your guests. They are white ceramic plates with a modern styled heart shape that has a slightly curved point. They are used for serving main courses, deserts or salads.

When setting you reception table another decoration makes the table come to life. Water activated lights or water pearls in your vases add color and dimension. These are simple to use as well, they can just be placed inside of the vase before they are filled with water. Request them from your decorator, or add them to your list if you are decorating your reception tables yourself. They are very easy to use and give you great results for the effort.

Another idea is to add a cake topper or bride and groom figurines to the tables as a centerpiece. There are several to choose from including bridal forms (very inexpensive and therefore easy to use on any table), dove cake toppers, funny cake tops and more. Bride and groom varieties are available in any theme from sports to ballroom.

The idea is to set your tables apart and make your reception one of a kind. It should fit your theme and personality, whatever you choose.

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