Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Planning a Florida Beach Wedding

Waves rolling up on shore, the sound of sea gulls and perfect white sand... if you want a really beautiful wedding, plan a Florida beach wedding. They're one of the most enjoyable and scenically perfect weddings you can imagine.

Where to Hold the Beach Wedding in Florida

There are several "free" spots to host a beachside Florida wedding. On the west coast around the Tampa Bay area, Sand Key Park, just south of Clearwater beach, is an excellent choice. It is on the Gulf of Mexico and the beach area is enormous. There is ample parking too inside the state park.

Other beaches around St. Petersburg are ideal for the beach wedding including Upham Beach, Madeira Beach and St. Pete Beach, however parking will be an issue for large parties.

On the east coast, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm beach are all ideal locations.

Planning the Ceremony

To plan a successful beach wedding it is best to scout out the location first. Then make sure the area is near several great hotels so guests won't have to travel far on the morning or night of the ceremony. Beaches should have free or paid parking, but it is essential that everyone can park right near the sand.

Finally, call the beach state park and inquire about their rentals or policies for beach weddings. Then contact a pastor or Justice of the Peace to perform the ceremony.

The other preparations include catering, set up (handled by one of the many beach wedding companies in Florida) and of course the reception. Contact caterers or wedding companies in the area you plan on having the wedding for these two steps.

The last step is to buy your beach wedding favors and wedding invitations.