Thursday, September 16, 2010

Looking for Distinctive Antique Home Decor?

If you like historical antiques and period pieces for your home decor you probably have already learned that finding these items is quite difficult. It involves trudging around the antique stores or flea markets and hoping you find a decorative piece for your home.

Well, if you like period furniture and classic antiques there is one other alternative. Antique reproductions or replicas are very popular pieces of home decor today. They are very similar to the original objects, except they are brand new and in better condition.

Furthermore, they are not as expensive and easily accessible.

Authentic Models is one of the top companies in this area. Their antique reproductions are almost exactly like the originals. They even go so far as to use the same wood from the same plantations for their WWI propeller decorations. See the WWI wooden airplane propeller decoration.

All of their antique replicas have striking details right down to the mast rigging on their model boats. That's because everything is made from originals. They buy antique items at auctions and make reproductions carefully. For their WWI airplane models they study design plans and skip no details.

Each one of their reproductions is like owning the real thing. And the pieces are functional.

They feature popular bureaus and footlockers used by British Generals called British Campaign furniture along with many more nautical and wartime inspired antique reproductions.

Take a look at Authentic Models reproductions and replicas today.