Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home Decor in 2010 is a Personal Choice

After years of what some designers and experts call the "decade of fear" (in fashion and home design), a new trend is starting to emerge. People are settling into their own groove in decorating and choosing items they like, rather than what they are told to like. At least that is what Janette Ewen, from Inside the Box, and other fashion elites said at the International Home Show recently.

This has opened up a whole new area for design and home decor. People are combining different styles together, like art deco and rustic, or classic and modern to get just the right look in their rooms.

It's a little more personal and unique this decade. Where as everything had to match in the 80's, now people mix and match their home decor.

That leaves more room for your own tastes to come through. And it also gives you the ability to pair two items you may not "think" go together.

For instance, an antique bar and a leather rug might be two things you could get away with in your rooms now, but not 15 years ago.

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That's great decorating news for anyone whose tastes are not defined by styles or eras, and that is most of us.

There are so many great items to choose from online, it seems a waste of time to try and match them based on vague styles. You'll might even find that special Authentic Models piece of furniture, art and print, really does go with that metal desk or end table after all. As long as the room fits your liking, it's an excellent home decorating job.

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