Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Wedding Favors for 2010

There are a number of new wedding favors for 2010 that are bound to be extremely popular. See what they are...

This year, like every year, lots of new wedding favors come on the market. These favors are unique entirely, or variations on past themes. this year promises some exciting new picks.

The cupcake towels are a new wedding favor that features a completely original idea, a towel folded up and stored inside of a wrapper so it looks like a cupcake. These are a great idea for all your guest, practical and useful.

See the cupcake towel favor.

This series of wedding favors is new from one of our top vendors. It's great for stylish weddings, baby showers and other events as well. Guests love to receive things for their own home like this.

Another hot item is the Murano Art Deco glass bottle stoppers and bottle openers. These new wedding favors are hand made with fused glass of different colors for a distinctive look. They are inspired by artisans from Murano, Italy and their special methods of forming and working with glass.

These favors have many great qualities and each one is slightly different because they are truly hand made.

The Murano Art Deco Glass Grapes Wine Stopper is one of the more popular items. The collection includes starfish stoppers, grape glass charms, bottle openers and religious themed favors in this collection.

There are many of these new wedding favors available on our site today. Check out all of our wedding favors right now to find something new and original for your wedding.