Friday, August 6, 2010

Buying Employee Awards & Gifts

When you run a business or manage a department inside of a large business, you know how valuable employees are. It's also equally important to reward employees to keep them motivated and performing to their full potential. Giving out employee awards is probably the best way to provide motivation for everyone at a very low cost.

Shop for executive gifts and recognition awards.

Recognizing an achievement is essential to continuing employee performance. Without recognition of some kind, most workers lose interest and feel they have nothing to strive for. Choose the right employee awards, plaques and gifts to be more effective in motivation.

Here's a few tips on how to find the right employee Awards and recognition awards.

1. Make the awards relevant to your business or a common theme that represents success. For instance, financial companies should choose Wall Street themed awards and gifts for stock brokers like bull statues, and other related Wall Street gifts. Or, select a recognition award that symbolizes achievement, teamwork, persistence or any other trait you want to reward.

2. Engrave the award with a name, date and inscription so the employee has something to remember it by. Engraving is very inexpensive on most of our items and sometimes it is free on smaller paperweights and crystal globes.

3. Buy a useful gift if an award just seems out of place. Some people would rather have a desk clock, multi time zone clock, statue or bookends instead of a trophy or award. Consider paperweights, world globes or even business card cases as practical perks for employees. They help them perform as well.