Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rustic Decorations for Homes like Leather Rugs

There are lots of ways to add some authentic, rustic decorations to the interior of your home. Leather rugs are among the finest and most genuine.

Real leather rugs made from actual cow hide not only add style, they add durability and character. Leather wears very well, so your rugs last longer. They'll also provide comfort with a soft cowhide texture. It's the type of rug that may have been used in ranch houses and cabins long ago. So, bring it to your home today.

Nowadays, with advances in dying and pigmentation, you will find stylish leather rugs of all sorts in a variety of patterns from squares and rectangles to dynamic modern arrangements. But you will also find traditional cowhide patterns and simple but beautifully designed leather rugs.

There's a leather rug for every kind of interior and they are affordable. Prices start under $900 which is great for such a wonderful piece of decor. With durability, function, style and color, there's no better way to update your cottage, cabin or homestead.

Each one is a real piece of the past brought back to life with your own photo, print or piece of art. There is only one authentic barn wood frame manufacturer, check them out at our store and save some money on their best frames while you are at it. They come in collage, single, double or triple frames. Each one is authentic and unique. A distinct piece of home decor you'll truly enjoy.

They go perfectly with one of our genuine leather rugs. There's several styles to choose from.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Unique Antique Replicas are Excellent Gifts

If you want to really impress someone with an item they'll appreciate now and for a long time to come, choose a classic. Antique replicas make fine gifts because they are tie-tested, and have historic value. They are also decorative and some functional pieces of furniture.

There are lots of pieces of antique replica furniture from Authentic Models that make excellent additions to any room. Take the Dory Bookshelf Table for instance. This is a classic sailing dory that has been turned into a bookshelf and can also be used as a table. Versatile and very useful, it also is a fine piece of nautical decor.

Authentic Models also features many more classic like replica theater seats, a cubby shelf modeled after ones used in the Ritz Hotel, and more. You'll find antique replica telescopes, recreations of folk art like Sailor Valentines, and lamps designed after surveyor equipment and boat searchlights.

No matter what your particular interest is, there's a replica designed to make your room authentic and historical. There are other companies who produce these items, but the ones from Authentic Models really are the best made. With realistic details, their items are crafted by hand and built from the actual antiques themselves.

They create museum quality historical maps, ships wheels and tide clocks, plus more great items.

Consider them for your Christmas gifts or as executive gifts. They're a gift choice that lasts forever and has an interesting story to tell.   

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Authentic Models Christmas Gifts

If you like premium gifts, home decor and authentic antique replicas there is one company you need to know for Christmas gifts this year... Authentic Models. They have been producing the finest antique reproduction furniture, historical maps, scale model airplanes and boats, for years now and gained quite a following.

The reason is in the details--hundreds of them on all their recreations. Things like mat rigging on their model boats, crease lines on their Zeppelin model blimps and other authentic details that just give their items life. Plus, you never know what additional gifts might come with your new toy. They often include a Titanic menu, or a safari note along with the item you ordered.

The other draw to Authentic Models, especially during Christmas is authenticity itself. These gifts are really unique and appreciated by those who know what they want and it isn't a new laptop or hand held computer/GPS. These gift ideas represent history because they are made from real antique relics bought at auction, like the Red Roxy Theater seats, or a map from the 17th century.

You'll be impressed with their high quality airplane models like the Spirit of St. Louis, or Pan Am DC3, ideal for pilots and aviation buffs. Their Runabout model boats will also impress nautical buffs and boat historians.

So, check out all the exciting new stuff from Authentic Models and make them a part of your new Christmas tradition.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Buying Proper Office Gifts for the Holidays

If you work in a corporate office it's important to get the little things right, like buying proper office gifts for the holiday season.

There are many unwritten rules to finding proper holiday gifts in your office (only you know what they are in your office), but following general guidelines helps to avoid gift giving pitfalls for a truly happy holiday season.

1. Don't get too personal. It's just part of the corporate culture. No one wants to get a gift that might embarrass them or drag out skeletons from the closet. Stick to impersonal, neutral gift ideas like a perpetual calendar, book weight or any office and desk accessory. A basic pen stand, globe, desk clock or any other related item is never taken too personally.

2. Stay under budget. Sound familiar? This holds true no matter what you do in corporate America. More is less, and less is more. Who knows, if you find a really great gift for cheap, someone might notice this skill. While spending limits also vary based on your workplace, they'll be more if everybody makes more, play it safe and never spend more than anyone will think you can afford. This typically means about $25 to $50 for most of us. Managers could spend more but take note of the climate at that time. Is everyone slashing budgets? How will your gift be viewed in that case?

You can try to find out what others are getting or thinking of spending in a casual, non-confrontational way. "Have you gotten any shopping done this holiday season?" might lead you towards a few clues.

Stick to your instincts. If you feel it might be better not to get anything, do so, but rarely is that the case. Getting a simple gift like a key chain or even a cheap globe for the people you work with goes a fairly long way in most corporate relationships.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Corporate Gift Giving Ideas

It’s the holidays again, and this year, according the several media sources, gift giving in the corporate sector is going to pick up. With companies seeing a little bit of growth in the economy, it’s apparently time to start making inroads with your superiors, and forming better bonds with clients. So, don’t be left standing out in the cold this year. While everyone else is exchanging corporate gifts this holiday season, give something that stands out.

Here are some ideas for corporate gift giving on the holidays just to get the tinsel ball rolling...

Executive pen sets are a great gift idea. You’ll find lots of unique pens and pen sets that any respecting executive will admire. However, one of the most interesting has to be the gemstone pens by Alexander Kalifano (find them here). They are made with real, genuine gemstone and will be a fixture on the desk top or display case.

In a close tie for second are the classic silver and gold roller ball pens. These are great gifts for executives, secretaries and administrators alike. Place them in a new pen case, and they’ll stand out even more.

Classic El Casco desk accessories are always a welcome corporate gift idea. El Casco makes world renowned desk accessories like pencil sharpeners, ink wells, clocks, and lamps. Their pencil sharpener was first introduced in the 1920’s and today it is still considered a classic. For a modern idea, try the cell phone caddy, it is layered in real Gold and hand polished.

Desk globes are another great corporate gift for the holidays. You’ll find these in all styles from solid crystal to genuine marble. A clock and globe combination is an excellent choice for your boss, and it’s a beautiful company gift for your clients.

If you are seeking high quality client gifts for the holiday season, clock globes, plaques or other small desk ornaments are the best idea. They can be engraved so your company logo remains present on their desk. What a way to brand and build customer loyalty at the same time!

See our high quality desk clocks or world globes, click here.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Finding Real Original Christmas Gifts

If you're like me you enjoy finding original, unique Christmas gifts that no one else has or knows about before the rush begins. These are items that could become a trend some day, or have unique features about them that just makes them a little more interesting and enjoyable.

Well, if you are in the market for a few real original Christmas gifts it is time to think outside the box store, to those niche items and antique reproductions that you won't find anywhere but here.

Authentic Models makes several great items that are designed to add real character to a home. They include things like model airplanes, wall art, reproduction maps, globes and furniture.

Here's just a few ideas to get the wheels turning.

Classic 1930s Runabout Wooden Model Boat. Once a family classic on Chesapeake Bay, it's now one of the most iconic boats in America. This decorative piece will remind you of summers on the water bring the sparkling water and waves home.

The Demi-Dome Architectural Model is a scale model of a demi-dome, the kind Davinci and Michelangelo used to make before building a final version. Anyone interested in art, engineering or architecture would be very proud to own this one.

Spirit of St. Louis Model Airplane is a perfect replica, painstakingly recreated with even the tiniest details still in tact. A wonderful choice for aviation buffs and pilots.

1937 Zeppelin Model is another classic, historical model from before World War II. It's a model of the historic, tragic flight of the Zeppelin, which was supposed to supplant airplanes as the preferred method of travel. Unfortunately, as we all know, it is now a symbol of ambitious but bad ideas pushed too far.

New, Original Nightstand Alarm Clocks

If you want a new alarm clock check these out. The alarm clock is the first thing you see (and hear) in the morning. So, if yours is old and worn out get an upgrade.

Here's a few unique alarm clocks to consider...

Wind Chime Alarm Clock with electronic display and real wind chimes instead of an alarm. This one is great for her or him, anyone who hates that bleating, blaring sound of the digital alarm clock in the morning. Imagine waking up to this soft and soothing sound instead. It's also fairly inexpensive so it makes a great gift for a friend.

The That 70's Alarm Clock is another classic right out of the disco era. If you remember waking up for school to the sound of this beauty, then its time to bring yourself back to those good old days. Reminisce about the times when you were young and free, or just get a funky, new alarm clock that's a throwback to the seventies era.

Spot Light Alarm Clock is for boat lovers and nautical enthusiasts. This is a real alarm clock with a solid metal case and base that is designed to look like a boat spotlight. If you dream of navigating misty ports in the dark, this one's a real treasure find! Order it as a gift for the nautical enthusiast or maritime captain.

You'll find other Alarm clocks and items just like this at Shop for alarm clocks now.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Handmade Silk Items

Enjoy our new handmade silk items which are imported from Cambodia. They are made with genuine, 100% pure silk and they include decorative patterns. You'll find these items fit most decor schemes and can even add a little zest to any room. They can actually help transform a bland room into one that is fabulous.

They are diverse culturally and artistically, because they are handmade. In addition to their lustrous sheen and soft exterior, they'll feel good to buy because when you do purchase them, part of the proceeds goes to help Global Children, a charitable organization (see their website at That includes the 100% real silk scarves.

Silk scarves are a great accent any time of year.

These are truly handmade from real silk. The hand looming process produces some of the most beautiful pieces of art. It's hard to think of these handmade silk items are simple decorations for the home or living room. They are something to keep forever. The other thing that may strike you is their price. They are cheaper than many expensive, designer clothes that undoubtedly will be out of style in a few months anway.

These silk items include decorative scarves, silk wall panels, silk throws for furniture or as wall hangings and many other fine pieces of home decor.

 You'll also find wall hangings with hangers for the living room or bedroom. These authentic silk wall hangings will really accent and update your interior with a culturally relevant piece of art.

If you're looking for a great gift for a special friend with cultural tastes, this may be it, and if you are looking for something to add a diverse accent to your home, take a look at these silk items right now. They're priced reasonably enough to buy for yourself or someone else.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Picking Out a Groomsmen Flask

If you are the groom among your responsibilities is thanking the groomsmen, who are there to see you through this important time. You've chosen them because they are family, like brothers and have always been there for you. Now, show them you appreciate their help, with a traditional gift idea.

The groomsmen flask has long been the chosen gift from grooms to their best men. This is a symbolic gift, and most people have never seen or used a flask. So it might help to take a little primer course of choosing the right flask.

When selecting a flask for groomsmen it helps to have a game plan. You should choose either modern, classic or fancy as a theme and then start searching for flasks. features a whole selection of flasks and other barware gifts, should you decide to get something a little less traditional. This selection is fairly comprehensive and represents what you'll find most anywhere.

The two most popular flasks are the stainless steel and leather covered flask. In reality, both are made from stainless steel, but the leather flasks have an upholstered covering that adds a little style to them. These are considered contemporary but fairly classic and traditional in nature. The choice is yours, select either a plain flask or one with a leather cover.

There are flasks that come with cases as well, and these sometimes make especially nice gifts. You'll also find double flasks and flask and cigar holder sets. These make fine gift ideas. If you are having a Vegas wedding, consider the flask and playing card set.

See the black leather flask or stainless steel flask.

Engraving Your Flask
Engraving the flask is the final step. Add your initials, your wedding monogram or a thank you that relates to all your groomsmen and each will find important. A simple "Thank you" or something more in depth is a common choice.

Order your flasks in bulk and well before the ceremony as well. This allows time for engraving and saves a little money. When you order your flask at, you can get up to 25 percent off the price by placing a large order. Call to find out more details and to get a quote on engraving.

Find more groomsmen gifts.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Best Gifts for Him

So, it's Valentine's Day or his birthday and you are wondering what are the best gifts for him? Well, there are several gifts he'll love and not all have to do with sports. These gifts are things he will need, use and appreciate you for. Some of them may be things he doesn't even know he wants yet.

It's important to realize that not all men's gifts are great things to give. There are some items he'd love to have but they don't make the best gifts all the time. Some things are just a little more personal, unique and special. Like the Mens Valet Box. This is number one on our list. It's a portable box where he can keep his watches, jewelry and other small items.

This is one of those gifts for him he doesn't realize he needs but when he has one life suddenly gets easier. He won't lose cufflinks, or misplace that necklace. There are several very nice valets but we suggest this one. It features several compartments...

#2 is the Charging Station. This is also called a power station and it holds all your chargers for portable electronics like cell phone, PDA, GPS and whatever other gadget he's obsessed with these days. A solid wood charging station with areas for each individual electronic is perfect. Have it engraved and make it truly his.

#3 Travel Tie Case for keeping ties nice and pressed on a business trip. This isn't a real wow gift, but he'll really appreciate this one because it does save your ties from complete disaster during business, and we all know how important appearance really is.

#4 is the Travel Wallet. This is another very useful idea and perfect for traveling salesmen. It holds travel documents and other necessities so they don't get lost on a big trip.

#5 is the portable travel mug. This heated mug heats coffee, hot chocolate and other hot drinks right in the car. It's very useful for commuters, truck drivers and commercial drivers. There are smart mugs with digital displays, and many more to choose from.

See more of our hand selected gifts for him.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Shopping for Cigar Gifts

Cigar gifts are a different breed of gift idea. They are typically given at special occasions, like a wedding to your groomsmen, retirement or corporate occasion, and the recipient is always expecting a refined gift. They capture the opulence and upscale class of life's finest events. That's why the right cigar gifts are so difficult to find.

They aren't cheap or made in a factory by the thousands. In fact, real cigar gift accessories like humidors, cigar cutters and even the leather cigar case is usually partly or entirely handmade with rare materials like real cedar, genuine top grain leather and Gold.

Never settle for the inferior items you might find at the big box stores, you'll just end up giving the wrong impression. Nothing but the best will do when you plan on giving any type of cigar gift.

Start shopping for cigar gifts and cigar accessories for business clients, colleagues and groomsmen at stores like Here you'll find real cedar humidors, leather cigar cases and genuine Gold cigar cutters at prices that won't empty the ban account. These finer choices will also come with an engraving using state of the art technology like laser etching. This is a step not to omit. The finer gifts must always be memorialized with a date, or a message of integrity and well-wishing.

So, if you are congratulating someone on the sale of a business, a newborn baby, or giving your groomsmen cigar related gifts they'll respect, choose the best and your gift and reputation will last a lifetime.

There are only a few places to get these high quality gifts. Click here to shop for cigar gifts and accessories now.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bar Ware and Home Bar Tools

If you want to give a really great gift for a retirement, birthday or wedding, consider bar ware. It's a classic, traditional idea.

As gifts or to complete your own home bar, has a big selection of bar ware. It includes everything from bar tool sets to wine boxes and bar furniture. Our wine consoles are hand made, metal pieces of furniture with glass tops and unique styles. We have leather bar sets, stainless steel bar tools, engraved wine glasses, crystal decanters and flask sets for groomsmen.

Find home bar supplies >>>

They are top quality items made with either real crystal, glass or chrome silver. Some also feature additional features and characteristics. There is an English style pewter beer mug, or the cocktail shaker with leather exterior.

The wine boxes and wooden bar sets are another great idea. Each one is carefully made and can be engraved with a name or initials.

Typically, our flasks are designed to give as gifts for groomsmen. They are also used as retirement gifts, however. Having these items engraved makes them even more special. Our engraving process is fast, and state-of-the art. Just call us to request a quote.

Our barware is also a great promotional item for your business. It is a very classy, sophisticated gift for financial clients, lawyers and retail stores.

Take a look at our collection of premium barware and bar sets today.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home Decor in 2010 is a Personal Choice

After years of what some designers and experts call the "decade of fear" (in fashion and home design), a new trend is starting to emerge. People are settling into their own groove in decorating and choosing items they like, rather than what they are told to like. At least that is what Janette Ewen, from Inside the Box, and other fashion elites said at the International Home Show recently.

This has opened up a whole new area for design and home decor. People are combining different styles together, like art deco and rustic, or classic and modern to get just the right look in their rooms.

It's a little more personal and unique this decade. Where as everything had to match in the 80's, now people mix and match their home decor.

That leaves more room for your own tastes to come through. And it also gives you the ability to pair two items you may not "think" go together.

For instance, an antique bar and a leather rug might be two things you could get away with in your rooms now, but not 15 years ago.

Shop for leather rugs and Authentic Models furniture

That's great decorating news for anyone whose tastes are not defined by styles or eras, and that is most of us.

There are so many great items to choose from online, it seems a waste of time to try and match them based on vague styles. You'll might even find that special Authentic Models piece of furniture, art and print, really does go with that metal desk or end table after all. As long as the room fits your liking, it's an excellent home decorating job.

It's really up to you to decide. Click here to shop now.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Wine Console Offers Convenience, Decor

We have added a new metal wine console that combines both convenience and a decorative look. This is a sturdy, all-steel welded metal wine console with spiral wine bottle and glass holders that are very artistic.

It's for the upscale home and it delivers function, durability and versatility along with a penchant for style. If you enjoy high quality wine furniture and entertain often, this is an excellent choice. It's made by hand, assembled to your order, so each is also individual.

These wine consoles come from one of our premium manufacturers. They offer artist designed home furnishings that include handcrafted, steel tables, chairs and racks. So, you won't come across these items online or in stores. Price wise, they compare to the furniture you might find in those big box discount stores, but the quality is so much better.

While those other wine consoles are made with laminates, and wood pegs, these consoles are welded together and with an all-steel or iron wrought construction, they'll last forever. You can even use them outdoors.

The selection includes both tea carts, hanging wine racks, wall mounted wine racks and consoles plus many more exclusive items click here. Go ahead and add a decorative piece of metal art and a functional piece of wine furniture to your home. Stores and organizes your belongings, and it last forever.

Take a look at this wine console and other furniture.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Metal Shelves, Bookshelves, Racks and Consoles

If you haven't noticed, we've been expanding our line of furniture and home decor to include new handmade, metal shelves, book shelves, consoles and wine racks. You'll find these original pieces are one of a kind. Each one has a theme like cats, dancing, even electricity.

If you want something unique and hand crafted, don't miss these fine new metal shelves, bookshelves and consoles. They are from one of our favorite manufacturers and each one is hand made to your order.

The corner shelves are very versatile and install right in the wall in a corner. Store nick knacks, books or other small items here. They will add space to your apartment be getting things up off the ground and reducing clutter. They'll also add a decorative element your home is missing. See this metal corner shelf now.

If you want the best in metal furniture, shelving units and bookcases, this is now the place to be. We'll be adding more pieces to this collection as time goes on. Be sure to check back with us often and bookmark us to compare prices. We dare you to find one lower.

Take a quick look at our new metal shelving units.

Monday, September 27, 2010

We've Added Handmade Metal Furniture

We've been busy adding new products to our store. First and foremost, our real handmade metal furniture is worth a look. It's designed by Artists and these pieces include some pretty interesting themes, like Cats and Tesla. Those are two things you don't see side by side too often.

Each one of these handmade metal pieces of furniture is assembled to your order, so you get a real handcrafted item that is unique and distinct in style and design. They're functional too. You'll find uses for each one of the common household items. There are coat racks, coffee tables, bookshelves and metal shelving units to decorate your home.

Most notably is the copper wash coffee table, and Mission Coat Rack. They are already proving to be very popular.

If you love wine, you'll find the selection of consoles and wine racks to more than meet your standards. These are highly functional but artistic and uniquely designed. They make perfect wine gifts for any get-together or social occasion. If you want something unique and decorative, these metal furniture pieces are just what you need.

Keep checking back with us for more exciting and hard-to-find furniture pieces and home decor items. Our selection is always growing.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Top Genuine Leather Accessories

If you are a professional, or just want a long-lasting accessory for carrying photos, papers and everything else, leather is the way to go.

Not only is it functional and durable (it lasts forever and just gets better with wear and age) but it won't tear, rip, gouge or become too flimsy to work for your anymore. It's long been the choice of businessmen and travelers, going way back to days pre-stagecoach.

It's not a mistake or coincidence that this handy, rugged, versatile and stylish material has been around so long, either. Not only are they durable, but leather has an air of style other fabrics are probably envious of. Plain and simple, leather accessories are one of the best ways to carry, collate and organize just about anything.

If you haven't noticed, finding good, real genuine leather accessories in the mall, or department stores is not easy (and forget about the big box stores). Try to find a leather portfolio for instance. You'll see that a leather accessory is expensive and some outlets like to charge you double or triple what you'd pay for a similar item in say, polyester.

That's just because leather is going to last longer and it has history on its side. It's always been the preferred method of carrying your vitals. But if you want a deal on leather accessories, there are places online to find them.

For instance, has assorted leather accessories including photo albums, briefcases, eyeglass cases and even travel wallets. Take a minute to browse them today. They are even personalized and customized. They come in different patterns and colors. It's the best way to tote everything around.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where to Get Real Crystal Awards

Crystal awards are often used by corporations and businesses as awards for achievements and milestones. They might be salesmen of the year, or a record sales year, or even an outstanding manager or associate award. Whatever the case may be, crystal, with it's refractive nature and sparkling exterior is usually the choice.

If you are in charge of buying this year's Salesmen of the Year award, you'll find an impressive collection of designer, high quality crystal awards to choose from. It will probably be easier to find them, then it will be to pick the right one.

Here is a way to narrow down your choices. First, pick out something that looks like it represents your business. If you are progressive and forward thinking, don't choose a bowl or oval object. Get a dynamic pyramid or spire shaped award. Click here to see a progressive employee service award.

If your company is traditional, find something classic like a cup trophy, or a plaque for your award.

Another option is to buy the trophy head and base separately that way you are able to mix and match items to build something that's totally yours alone.

You will find a big selection of crystal awards, trophies and plaques along with a few crystal globes and paperweights that may also be used as second place or runner-up awards at Photoframesplus. Just click here to see these crystal awards.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Great Gift Ideas for the Office

Let's face it, the office isn't exactly the best environment to be giving gifts. So, what happens when you are faced with the proposition of exchanging gifts with office co-workers over the holidays or during special occasions (like someone gets a promotion or award)? You'll have to find the right type of gift ideas for the office.

There are some classic stand-bys that will always fit the bill, and if you don't want to step outside the box with your office gifts, I recommend you buy these and personalize them for the recipient. It's perfectly acceptable and it'll save you time and money.

Here's a few ideas to get started down that road. A real, high quality optical crystal paperweight if probably the best place to start. Paperweights are great office gifts because they will be used and they are functional. They are also classy and upscale. Getting them engraved is fairly simple as well. Just add personalization and you are set to go.

A few crystal paperweights to consider are the crystal globe paperweight, and the star crystal paperweight. There are also crystal clock paperweights which are a little different and even more functional.

Anything you choose will definitely be well-received as long as it is a high quality and well-made item.

Check out this selection of crystal paperweights. It includes stars, diamonds, egg shaped pendants and simple oval or round shaped gift ideas. Each one is the perfect office gift idea for any occasion. They even make the perfect award or motivational gift.

See more crystal paperweights here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Gifts for Her Under $50

It's a challenge to find gifts for her that she'll love, and even more difficult to find them for under $50. But we've put together a little list of ideas just for her that won't break your budget.

She'll think these are wonderful and you'll be glad you decided to get great gifts for her.

Wood Chest Photo Album is an elegant wooden photo box that looks like a chest of drawers. It has two opening, windowed doors and room for all her favorite pictures.

Wooden journals are popular even today's age of computers and social networking. It's something she'll be able to write in an keep without the fear of the power going out! This is a high quality wood journal just for those that keep diaries or want to track the life of their children. It's one of those special gifts for her and well under $50.

The Silver heart gift box holds jewelery and personal affects. It is a real chrome finish item shaped like a heart. One of our most personal and romantic gifts for her.

Of course, there are many more gifts she'll love right here. Just take a look and decide what she'll want and then have it engraved if you like. Our shipping is fast and we have a great return policy.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Top 5 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Is someone you know turning fifty? If so, give them one of these great 50th birthday gifts. These are original ideas for those with hobbies and favorite pass times, and a few things you might not have thought of.

Spirit of St. Louis model airplane by Authentic Models. It is a detailed replica of the plane flown across country by Charles Lindberg. Great 50th birthday gift for aviation buffs.

The Captains Wheel Compass and Nautical Decoration is another excellent choice. It's a decorative captain's wheel made of Jade Stone and has a working compass. It can be engraved as well.

Crystal Liquor Decanters and wine glasses are another great idea, especially for wine lovers. Any type of bar tools or wine gift box is going to be a hit with almost anyone. Click here to see the crystal liquor decanter.

Model wooden antique boats are another great gift idea for someone turning 50. Take a look at Authentic Models 1930's Runabout Wooden Model Boat.

Airplane Propeller clocks are another great idea, especially for WW1 buffs and history lovers.

The Valet Tray is a classic gift idea for anyone. It's a good idea for kids to give to grandparents. Also, consider a watch, nautical themed decorations and Authentic Models items.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Looking for Distinctive Antique Home Decor?

If you like historical antiques and period pieces for your home decor you probably have already learned that finding these items is quite difficult. It involves trudging around the antique stores or flea markets and hoping you find a decorative piece for your home.

Well, if you like period furniture and classic antiques there is one other alternative. Antique reproductions or replicas are very popular pieces of home decor today. They are very similar to the original objects, except they are brand new and in better condition.

Furthermore, they are not as expensive and easily accessible.

Authentic Models is one of the top companies in this area. Their antique reproductions are almost exactly like the originals. They even go so far as to use the same wood from the same plantations for their WWI propeller decorations. See the WWI wooden airplane propeller decoration.

All of their antique replicas have striking details right down to the mast rigging on their model boats. That's because everything is made from originals. They buy antique items at auctions and make reproductions carefully. For their WWI airplane models they study design plans and skip no details.

Each one of their reproductions is like owning the real thing. And the pieces are functional.

They feature popular bureaus and footlockers used by British Generals called British Campaign furniture along with many more nautical and wartime inspired antique reproductions.

Take a look at Authentic Models reproductions and replicas today.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Planning a Florida Beach Wedding

Waves rolling up on shore, the sound of sea gulls and perfect white sand... if you want a really beautiful wedding, plan a Florida beach wedding. They're one of the most enjoyable and scenically perfect weddings you can imagine.

Where to Hold the Beach Wedding in Florida

There are several "free" spots to host a beachside Florida wedding. On the west coast around the Tampa Bay area, Sand Key Park, just south of Clearwater beach, is an excellent choice. It is on the Gulf of Mexico and the beach area is enormous. There is ample parking too inside the state park.

Other beaches around St. Petersburg are ideal for the beach wedding including Upham Beach, Madeira Beach and St. Pete Beach, however parking will be an issue for large parties.

On the east coast, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm beach are all ideal locations.

Planning the Ceremony

To plan a successful beach wedding it is best to scout out the location first. Then make sure the area is near several great hotels so guests won't have to travel far on the morning or night of the ceremony. Beaches should have free or paid parking, but it is essential that everyone can park right near the sand.

Finally, call the beach state park and inquire about their rentals or policies for beach weddings. Then contact a pastor or Justice of the Peace to perform the ceremony.

The other preparations include catering, set up (handled by one of the many beach wedding companies in Florida) and of course the reception. Contact caterers or wedding companies in the area you plan on having the wedding for these two steps.

The last step is to buy your beach wedding favors and wedding invitations.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top 50th Birthday Decorations

It might seem difficult to find 50th birthday candles and decorations, but there are lots of them out there. They also double as 50th wedding anniversary favors and decor. Today, there are many people turning the big 5-0, and fewer hitting their 50th wedding anniversary but you can use anniversary themed favors for the birthday. Without further ado, let's introduce a few top choices.

The 50th Golden Anniversary Candles are one of our stores most popular. They are made of real glass with a poured candle for convenience and they have a glitter gold 50 on the front.

50th Anniversary Gold Star Candles are another top pick. A little more decorative, they feature a Golden star onto of the glass candle holder. These also come in a gift box so they are both favors, and decorations.

Book Lovers 50th Bookmark Favors are yet another fun favor idea for the 50th wedding anniversary or birthday. Since people love to read, these are classic gifts and fun decorations to have at your tables.

See more anniversary favors and gifts here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Buy a Crystal Gift for a Wedding

One type of gift is often overlooked by those shopping for that perfect wedding present. The crystal gift is a unique, and special idea that may be out of the box, but is bound to be appreciated.

Shop for wedding gifts right now.

Since it can be engraved this is a personal memento that couples will hold on to. There are also several different types of crystal gifts to choose from including crystal figurines, crystal paperweights, and one of the best choices... crystal globes.

These items are very special and unique. And since they are real crystal, they will be even more fondly remembered.

We feature hundreds of unique and decorative crystal gifts for the wedding. They include clocks, figurines even golf related ideas like the golf ball paperweight. It's just one more thing to consider before you purchase that blender, or toaster.

There are other unique wedding gifts to choose from as well like the guest book platter, one of the many quality brass or gold frames, or a wooden wedding album.

Each will be memorable because there are few like these available in stores. If you want something that no one else is buying, consider them right now.

See which crystal gifts we have for weddings, office parties, and as awards.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Finding the Perfect Corporate Gift

Getting a gift for your boss, or anyone in the corporate setting isn't easy. In fact, it requires some real planning and a little outside of the box thinking, if you want to do it right. Here are a few ways to generate some ideas and get the perfect corporate gift.

Get a jump start on what is going to be hot this year and some new and interesting corporate gifts.

Try something fun and hobby related that people like. Poker chip sets are a great idea for those execs that like to throw the dice, or play a game of cards every once in while. Though being a good executive means not taking too many gambles, chances are you'll find a few high rollers on your list. Poker is very popular today.

Gemstone globes or crystal globes are always a great gift idea especially for those executives that enjoy decorative items. These gift ideas are also excellent awards for employees near the holidays. Have them engraved with your company logo, and your employee gifts will become more important. These items are also promotional gift ideas for clients. They may even place them on their mantel or desktop. With your company name on the base, they'll have something to remember your business by.

Wine gifts are always popular and probably the safest, most widely acceptable gifts for executives and corporate types. It shows refinement, culture and great taste. Everyone loves a glass of wine, so presenting someone with a detailed, engraved wine box or a new set of wine tools is a wonderful gesture. These corporate gifts are perfect for the holidays when people start thinking about celebrations.

To gather more ideas for your upcoming corporate gifts start making a list. Search through the corporate gifts on and bookmark the item pages you want to come back to. Remember that it is better to buy early, giving yourself a chance to return the item if you find something else, or the option to engrave it with a personalized quote or message.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Setting the Wedding Reception Table with Heart Shaped Plates

Thee are several great wedding table plates for a reception or banquet wedding. Along with other accessories and decorations, these plates are just a few of the ways to make your tables look special.

The Heart Shaped Plates are a romantic choice when it comes time to set the table. These plates are shaped like hearts, and they will make an immediate impression on your guests. They are white ceramic plates with a modern styled heart shape that has a slightly curved point. They are used for serving main courses, deserts or salads.

When setting you reception table another decoration makes the table come to life. Water activated lights or water pearls in your vases add color and dimension. These are simple to use as well, they can just be placed inside of the vase before they are filled with water. Request them from your decorator, or add them to your list if you are decorating your reception tables yourself. They are very easy to use and give you great results for the effort.

Another idea is to add a cake topper or bride and groom figurines to the tables as a centerpiece. There are several to choose from including bridal forms (very inexpensive and therefore easy to use on any table), dove cake toppers, funny cake tops and more. Bride and groom varieties are available in any theme from sports to ballroom.

The idea is to set your tables apart and make your reception one of a kind. It should fit your theme and personality, whatever you choose.

For more ideas and to see these products visit

Friday, September 3, 2010

Comparing Prices Between Brick and Mortar and Online Stores

If you are a frequent online shopper you know you are saving money. The prices online are almost always better than in brick and mortar stores. That's due to the cost of storing and shipping items to and from the stores. It also has to do with the cost of stocking inventory, paying rent, employees, building maintenance and so on... in short, overhead tacks on dollars to the price you pay in the store.

Every now and then you will find a bargain that is better than the one you find online. However, the savings is probably very small, even after shipping is factored in and it is most likely eaten away by time and transportation expenses to the store. Furthermore, that savings is probably on an item that is or is going to be out of stock or replaced by something else very soon. And, had you waited it would have been even cheaper online than in the store very soon.

But there are ways to compare prices in brick and mortar stores to online outlets. First, always add in the shipping price for the online store, and factor in your time and gas expenses to get to the brick and mortar store.

Secondly, take into account the quality of the item. A picture frame at a big retail outlet might cost less than a nicer one online. Many in-store items are made differently than the items you find in niche online stores. They lack durable metals, some parts are plastic or non-existent, and they don't last as long. So, your savings might be subtractive in this case.

Furthermore, selection is important. Most brick and mortar stores won't have hard-to-find items, which means you'll spend time and gas getting to the store in order to get a first hand look at merchandise only to find out they don't have what you want.

Taking an hour to browse the online stores, ones that offer easy returns, will prove to be valuable in this case. This is especially true for items like sculptures, trophies and crystal awards. There are few outlets that have a selection which matches an online store, simply due to the cost to carry so many items.

When searching for these types of products, always go to the online store first, bookmark it and then come back after calling the other stores in your area.

When you get price quotes be sure they include engraving and fees to ship the trophy to an engraver as well.

Online shopping is usually going to save money based on strict cost comparisons, but it will also improve your final results with better selections and fewer hassles.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Generating Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gifts are probably one of the most difficult things to buy. There are so many choices out there it is overwhelming. It helps to start your search by finding a few good Christmas gift ideas.

There are a few ways to generate good Christmas Gift ideas for relatives, kids, parents and even your boss or coworkers.

First, ask them and then write down what they say. As your recipient's get older, this might become more difficult. So, ask a few questions about their hobbies, special interests and other things they like and enjoy. This will produce a few Christmas gift ideas and you can start to get creative.

For instance, if Grandpa likes to fly, or is taking flying lessons now, browse a few Aviation gifts. There are other related items that fit this interest as well like time zone clocks, model airplanes and even antique decor from aviation history.

Perhaps your boss just went to Spain, or travels a great deal. An imported office accessory from Spain by El Casco is a great choice.

The point is, let their interests decide which Christmas gifts to get, and you will have more success when planning your Christmas list.

See our Christmas gifts here. Find gifts for him and here.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

El Casco Desk Scissors

There is one very special office gift or corporate gift that really stands above them all. That is the El Casco line of desk accessories. These are real hand crafted items that go through a hand polishing process, before being hand layered in real silver chrome or 23 Kt Gold.

The items are classics including a stapler designed back in the 1930's, ink blotters and ink wells and desk scissors. These Gold layered El Casco desk scissors are really very special because they are hand made and imported from Spain where they are crafted in the Basque Country.

If you are seeking a special corporate gift for an executive or manager that really is a cut above the rest and is used to things that are finer and more detailed, consider these desk scissors. It is a one of a kind executive gift that they will hold in the highest regard.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Newest Wedding Favors

We have added new wedding favors from our most popular vendors. Take a look at them today. They include the Love Candle Holder, which is a frosted glass candle featuring the word "Love" in silver glitter.

Other new wedding favors include the Heart Teddy Bear Frame, Heart Bookmark, Sea Shell Candy Dish and several Murano glass icons.

This adds to our expansive selection of top quality wedding favors for every season, budget and decor theme. We have fall wedding favors, nautical favors, and lots of romantic favor options.

Come take a look at all of our wedding favors right here.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What is a metal reception card box?

As its name implies, this object is made from metal, intended to be used for a party celebration of some kind to keep all the reception cards and gift cards in one safe place. However, as far as a wedding card box is concerned this means even more.

It offers increased versatility and function, along with the durability to last through several occasions, so you can buy one wedding card box and use it for multiple events.

The metal reception card box has made its grand entrance at everything from wedding and baby showers to the anniversary reception meant to celebrate a couple's love and dedication.

A great gift idea as well, the metal reception card box is manufactured in all different designs and sizes to fit the needs and desires of its recipient.
Where can one find a metal reception card box to present as a practical gift item that will be a keepsake for a lifetime to come?

Although the wedding card boxes can be found at department stores and other similar shops, has them at a big discount. Not only will you be able to use this reception card box at multiple functions if you like, but you will save money over our competitors.

We have a wide selection of these celebratory mementos for weddings, anniversaries and other events. Take a look at our wedding card boxes today.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finding this Years Best Christmas Gifts

This year, find the best Christmas gifts to make everyone happy.

There are more than just the usual suspects when it comes time for buying Christmas gifts. There are the home decor items, the globes, the games, and clothes, but how about something a little more interesting?

This year, take a look at this Christmas gifts for everyone on your list:

1. At Work - Try the perpetual calendar or gemstone globe bookends which are both extremely useful and practical.

2. For friends try a new game board like a portable chess set, or a special piece of home decor. A silk wall hanging, or antique reproduction is going to be greatly appreciated.

3. Grandparents and relatives will enjoy model airplanes (made for adult enthusiasts), sculptures of their favorite animals or art work, and several home decor items like vases, and bar ware. Wine sets are a classic choice, just have one engraved and make this one a memorable Christmas gift.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Creativity and versatility in one reception gift card box? It is a trait hard to find when it comes to any wedding decoration... especially the traditional wedding gift card box, which is part of every reception. But one item seems to combine them both in a very appealing way.

If you are looking for something out of the box, original and versatile, consider this. The metal gift box reception card box can be used at the reception, and rehearsal dinner, because of its construction and design. It's a gift box shaped wedding card box that really accents every type of decor.

Consider this metal reception gift card box for your entire wedding and save money on wedding card boxes. You can buy just one and use it for both parts of the ceremony. It is also a designer item that has a stylish look guests will admire.

Conducting searches on the internet can sometimes wind up being more frustrating than helpful, as all the choices out in cyberspace become quite overwhelming for the person who just wants to pick out an uncommon item that has some meaning at the same time.

The metal gift card box satisfies the creativity factor while fulfilling the uncommon and meaningful requirement as well. And because there is such a vast metal gift card box selection, this party item is hence not as difficult to find as a gift giving guest might think.

Manufactured with two different slots to fit reception cards and actual gift cards, this handy, decorative wedding card box serves its functions well while at the same time is pretty to look at.

What more could one ask for? It is very popular, and since it is metal, use it for anniversary parties or just keep it as a keepsake. It lasts for years to come.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thinker Bookends: A No Brainer Gift Idea

These will keep them standing upright and looking proud. They will become symbols of how serious that you take reading, and an expression of how thought provoking they are. When you take someone's reading hobby and intellectual standing seriously, it is a sign of friendship and respect. And there's no better symbol of this than the Thinker Bookends.

Both a great reader's gift idea and a fun thing to have in your room, den or office, the Thinker Bookends stand out with being flashy, gaudy or overdone.

Oscar Wilde once said that "If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all." For true book lovers books are sitting there on the shelf waiting to be read again or to be passed on to a special friend. These Thinker bookends can be the custodians of your collection. It's a "No Brainer" gift idea with brains!

Therefore why not chose these as the best defenders of your knowledge - standing proud, tall and strong. They are a unique piece of home decor. The Thinker Bookends will always have a place on their shelves.

Shop for the Thinker Bookends and other fine gifts here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Judge a Book by its Bookends

Don’t judge a book by its cover but do judge a bookcase by its bookends! These wonderfully crafted bookends will bring hours of pleasure to you as you sit back and take in their majestic ambiance alongside your favorite reads.

There are so many to choose from that we know that you will be able to choose the exact one for the exact right person. Each bookend has its own special character that will entertain and impress anyone that receives one. Your friend likes golf? Then get him the senior golf bookends!

See our new bookends today.

If your friend is a lawyer then what could be more perfect than the Scales of Justice Column Bookends, which truly represent the essence of the legal system in a striking courthouse decoration.

Any event, any person, we know that you will find something for everyone be it a book-lover or simply someone that likes good furniture. Take time to peruse our products and select something tasteful for when you peruse your books. These bookends will last years and will bring to your reading a touch of fun and character that your shelves deserve.

They combine beauty and functionality without costing a fortune. All of these products can be personalized for you and we will guarantee that they will become family favorites. All the bookends are made to last as can be seen from the quality materials that they are made from. We are confident that you will not find a better product or price than we are offering.

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Favors Added

We have added new favors from our best vendors this Summer. These are new favors for 2010 and they include a number of great additions.

You will find new Choice Crystal Collection favors like the crystal Perfume Bottle favor and Heart Place Card Holder. Each one is elegant and unique. Also, we have added Spring favors include the Baby's Big Day Hatching Chick Candles, and very elegant Calla Lily Rose Soap Favors. They are both symbolic Spring and Summer choices.

There are many more choices new on our site right now. So, be sure to check them out and keep on top of all the new products we are adding. Our prices are low on these items as well, competitive with everyone on the internet. In fact, we beat almost every popular outlet you will find. If not, call us and take us up on the price matching guarantee.

If you want to see more new wedding favors we have them, and more are put online every week. Bookmark our site and come back often to see what we offer.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Buying Employee Awards & Gifts

When you run a business or manage a department inside of a large business, you know how valuable employees are. It's also equally important to reward employees to keep them motivated and performing to their full potential. Giving out employee awards is probably the best way to provide motivation for everyone at a very low cost.

Shop for executive gifts and recognition awards.

Recognizing an achievement is essential to continuing employee performance. Without recognition of some kind, most workers lose interest and feel they have nothing to strive for. Choose the right employee awards, plaques and gifts to be more effective in motivation.

Here's a few tips on how to find the right employee Awards and recognition awards.

1. Make the awards relevant to your business or a common theme that represents success. For instance, financial companies should choose Wall Street themed awards and gifts for stock brokers like bull statues, and other related Wall Street gifts. Or, select a recognition award that symbolizes achievement, teamwork, persistence or any other trait you want to reward.

2. Engrave the award with a name, date and inscription so the employee has something to remember it by. Engraving is very inexpensive on most of our items and sometimes it is free on smaller paperweights and crystal globes.

3. Buy a useful gift if an award just seems out of place. Some people would rather have a desk clock, multi time zone clock, statue or bookends instead of a trophy or award. Consider paperweights, world globes or even business card cases as practical perks for employees. They help them perform as well.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Wedding Favors for 2010

There are a number of new wedding favors for 2010 that are bound to be extremely popular. See what they are...

This year, like every year, lots of new wedding favors come on the market. These favors are unique entirely, or variations on past themes. this year promises some exciting new picks.

The cupcake towels are a new wedding favor that features a completely original idea, a towel folded up and stored inside of a wrapper so it looks like a cupcake. These are a great idea for all your guest, practical and useful.

See the cupcake towel favor.

This series of wedding favors is new from one of our top vendors. It's great for stylish weddings, baby showers and other events as well. Guests love to receive things for their own home like this.

Another hot item is the Murano Art Deco glass bottle stoppers and bottle openers. These new wedding favors are hand made with fused glass of different colors for a distinctive look. They are inspired by artisans from Murano, Italy and their special methods of forming and working with glass.

These favors have many great qualities and each one is slightly different because they are truly hand made.

The Murano Art Deco Glass Grapes Wine Stopper is one of the more popular items. The collection includes starfish stoppers, grape glass charms, bottle openers and religious themed favors in this collection.

There are many of these new wedding favors available on our site today. Check out all of our wedding favors right now to find something new and original for your wedding.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Baby Gifts Arrive

We are happy to announce the addition of a new member to the family... our baby gifts. We have added several new baby gifts to the site including a number of layette sets, plush toy sets and lovies.

These are fine baby gifts for any newborn. The layette sets include themed items like the baby Doctor or baby MD and baseball layette set. Each is a wonderful choice and they come with keepsake boxes so parents can cherish them forever.

We also have a large collection of 1st birthday gifts for babies and infants, including the every popular countdown birthday candles. These are a very hot new product and a fun gift idea. Along with memory books, albums, frames and more baby gift ideas, this is the place to go when you have a new member to your family.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome to the Blog

We are happy to welcome you! This is the site blog for

You will find advice about gift buying, news about the store, and announcements about the new products we are offering on this blog.

In addition, we will post helpful articles on how-to topics from weddings to office gifts. Every now and then, we may post a few coupons and savings here as well.

Browse around and stay awhile to see what's here. Bookmark us so you can come back whenever you want. If you are interested in contributing content please contact us.